Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oside 2012

First visitors arrived and we helped ourselves to The Palisades pool.

They were arriving for our big Martindale family reunion
to celebrate my grandpa's 80th birthday.

That night those first visitors got engaged.

Derek (my brother) and Loren.
(Brent & I got to help w/set-up and pictures of the proposal on the Oceanside Pier)

Drew got some fans.

And Owen did, too.

Jones plugged his ears during Owen's entire game.
And I got way too excited about his base hits
(after striking out every time last game).

Saturday Night pretty much everyone was here (40ish people).
Had a big bonfire.

Talent show practice on Sunday:

Our kids are so talented.
My dad taped up every hole but one so they could each play their note and no others.
This was for my grandpa's birthday party the next night.

Sally had a birthday.

I like that she requested strawberry pancakes (in comparison to Drew's donuts).

And strawberry ice cream cake.
She celebrated by shopping with Grandma, having Jones over,
and going to my grandpa's birthday party.

Then Drew had a birthday.

I impressed Justin with my artistic abilities.

Birthday dinner.

His day also consisted of shopping with Grandma and Legoland with Justin.

They made some progress on the Jeep.

We visited everyone at the beach while Justin/Drew were at Legoland.

Then a day at Disneyland.
I mean Disneyland!

Loved that my mom and Rachel got to go w/us.

Awesome day, but they are always so ready to go home at the end of it.
(Owen was bribed to smile...with going home)

Invaded the Oceanside Street Market

Tide Pools

The sea stars were plentiful.

And lots more.

I did so horrible at taking pictures.
My excuse is that in my lazy/tired pregnant state my camera feels like it weighs 20 pounds.

But it was a lovely week and we felt way too lucky that we didn't have to travel for the reunion.

So thanks everyone for coming to us!


The Watkins said...

Whatever...that is a lot of significant events to pile into one weekend. I'd say you did pretty good, especially considering you were busy making homemade cards.

danna said...

Did you get Disney passes again?! Oh I hope so!! Looks like a great week!

Joanna & Ben said...

horrible at taking pictures!?! It looks like you took tons :) You always take great the way, I love that you're preggers, that's so great!

Jaime said...

I'm tired just by reading everything you did! So fun though!