Tuesday, February 28, 2017

November 2016 Photo Dump

When Drew was "American of the Week" in class, everyone wrote him notes.
This one was my favorite.

Hannah's baptism day.

Was proud to vote, cause I did my research.
Like the rest of the country, did not love either presidential candidate.

A visit to the butterfly sanctuary.

Anniversary flowers from Justin (in our wedding colors).

Enjoying Sally's last soccer game of the season.

She definitely got a lot more confident.
When I asked her the other day what one thing she would like to be super good at it, she chose soccer.

Our belated anniversary celebration was going to an improv club owned by one of Justin's teachers.
We got selected from the audience to go on stage.
They re-enacted our meeting/dating/engagement story and it was seriously funny.

Cub scout hike.

 Kept the Costco Christmas tree tradition alive (Drew was at a friend's hosue).

Sally joined the school choir and they performed at the Pacific Grove tree lighting.
Our position in the audience conveniently got us close to the front of the line to meet Santa.

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rachel lyn said...

Sally is the cutest soccer girl!! I like Drews handwriting (we all know he is trying) 😂.