Friday, February 03, 2017

Halloween 2016

Trunk or Treat 10.28

Justin added a wig, sunglasses, and strap-on stereo to his tall-man costume from last year.
This year he called himself, "The Party."
He fascinated and scared at the ward party, Sarah's Halloween party,
and while walking the streets on Halloween night.

Sarah's Party 10.29

Sarah went all out for a Halloween party she hosted for some middle schoolers.

While most of the kids could be found carving pumpkins, Owen and Ryan were bottle flipping.

The Briens hosted a Halloween party and, for once in our marriage, I was the one who dressed up
(as Eleven from "Stranger Things" and Justin did not.
If you look close you can see my bloody nose.

For the school Halloween parade, we threw together a last-minute upside down man.

Hard to see the details in this picture, but it was pretty funny.

Sally's flapper costume ended up driving her crazy, and she stopped wearing the necklaces, headpiece, and feather boa.

Thanks to Erica hanging out with August, I got to help at Sally's class party.

For Drew's 3rd costume of the season, he went with the classic ghost.
(his first costume (not pictured) was a baseball player for the trunk or treat)
Owen was Iron Juan, inspired by David Lopez vines.
August the Ninja.
And Sally the flapper.

We trick or treated all over PG and kids came home with a haul.

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