Thursday, January 26, 2017

Beach, Bookshelves, Braces, and Soccer

First high school football game of the season.

Made the most of it and spent the day kid free shopping and eating in Palo Alto.

Labor Day at the beach for the kids and me.
Justin was awesome and drove 6 hours to pick up our new bed.
It was on a big sale at West Elm, and that was the only one in stock anywhere near us.
Happy day! Love it.

Sarah organized these shelves and made the most of our unattractive
Arabic, photography, and church-related book collection.
Wish I had taken a before picture. This is a HUGE improvement.

Braces day for Sally!
She'd had an expander in for a couple months (hence the big gap between her front teeth).

Back-to-school sports physical.
The nurse had him put on some HUGE disposable shorts.
Weird that he didn't want to pose for a picture.

Sally played soccer for the first time.
We had signed her up for an all-girls team in Pacific Grove.
She got assigned to a team in Carmel.
They gave her the option to switch to a local co-ed team.
Co-ed wasn't our first choice for her being new to the sport, but she went for it.
I was pretty proud of her for sticking with a team made up of kids from the other school here,
none of which were her friends.
Can't say that she contributed much to the team being undefeated,
but she was a great runner and had fun.

Her biggest cheerleader:

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