Wednesday, January 25, 2017

4 Going on 14

Present-opening view from outside the front window.
Got the balloons in an assorted pack at the dollar store.
They must have been rejects as there were some questionable shapes.

His favorite present of the day was a new scooter.
Side note: That scooter is a pro brand (Madd Gear) for a great price (compared to similar options).
It has held up awesome even with the older boys using it. Way better than rickety fold-up Razors.

I threw together a (very) last-minute party at Jumpin Around.
Every time we've gone in the past, bringing in our own food hasn't been a problem.
But of course that day it was.
Since I hadn't reserved a party room, Tyler came to the rescue with her pop up tent.

Which, yes, we used right outside the front door.

Desmond in all his glory.

Dinner of choice was Buffalo Wild Wings.
The tablets they offer was the draw for the kids.
The food...not so much.

We had cupcakes at Jumpin Around earlier that day,
but I was unprepared with a cake for the family.
Baskin Robbins solved that problem on our way home from dinner.

This crazy kid is still all of our favorite,

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