Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Sally Turns 8


Beanie Boos are Sally's life.
So we planned a Beanie Boo Brunch for her 8th birthday party.
But then when the Beanie Boos (to be adopted at the party) arrived,
Sally asked if she could just keep them all in lieu of a party.

But then when Sarah heard that the party was off,
she volunteered to host a surprise version of the same party we had planned.
Because it was her EIGHTH birthday and she couldn't not have a party.
So nice and generous.

I secretly took pictures of her Beanie Boos while she was at school.
And had way too much fun with it.

And then Sarah worked her magic:

The guests showed up and awaited the birthday girl's arrival.

And Sarah wore Cal's GoPro to film it all.

Sally was immediately swarmed.

Her reaction was pretty quiet...a lot of smiles and a few giggles.

The girls showed her around and it was fun watching her take it all in.
This party was everything she imagined and more than I ever could have done.
Lucky, lucky girl.

Gathered for the adopting of the Beanie Boos.

Sally got Flora the skunk.

Cute bunch of girls.

Icing on the cake was when Ms D, Sally's teacher, showed up.

Thank you Sarah!!!

Sally's actual birthday was a week later.
And compared to her party day, it was probably a letdown.
(especially since most of the day was spent at Owen and Drew's baseball games)
But there were balloons, presents, a friend, and Lalla Grill.

She had eaten so much junk all day, that all she ordered for dinner was strawberries.

And now we're looking forward to her baptism on April 9.

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