Sunday, February 28, 2016

Pretend It's Still January

First day of Sunbeams.

He wasn't so sure about it all (and still isn't).
Justin was subbing another class that day, so he joined them until class time.
A couple weeks later he was begging to go to nursery for toys and playdough.
I told him he was too big and his very sad reply was, "But I'm SMALL!"

Sally got a cookbook for Christmas called Cooking Class. It's cute.
She made her own shopping list and does well with the recipes.
Favorites are breakfast parfaits and the berry smoothie.

I sold my old Canon and switched to Nikon.
The new camera is night and day better, but I still feel like a traitor switching brands.

Another case in point for how lucky we are to live here.
The scouts did a 17-mile bike ride along the coast one Saturday.

My yoga buddy.

Jasmine surprised Sally with matching outfits for twin day at school.

Spirit week continued with crazy hat/hair day.
Sally specifically requested 2 low, small pony tails with baby powder in her hair.
So crazy.

These two are funny together.

Took this for my mom since his school pictures were horrible.

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