Monday, November 23, 2015

The Little Things

Winter on top, summer on the bottom = fall in Pacific Grove.

When your younger brother has to tie your tie for you.

Drew ended fall ball season with a lot of eye black.


Visit to Sally's class.

Drew is on a Survivorman kick.
This is his backyard bed.

A visit to Hacienda Hay & Feed.



Owen's first trip to the temple.


The bat rays were more social than I've ever seen him.

Spent almost an hour bonding with them.

Sally's class put on the cutest Thanksgiving play.

Sally was super nervous going into Ms D's class, knowing she did plays throughout the year.
But she did great and said her part loud and clear.

A sunny day and a corn dog.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

So Much

Have I mentioned we got my parents for a whole week?
My mom came last summer, but Dad hadn't been here for 2 years.

It was a busy week in-between Owen's birthday, school, and Halloween.
They helped so, so much.

Above was when Dad borrowed my bike for an Ace Hardware trip.

My mom worked with Sally all week on sewing that bear and making the cardboard desk.

Sally loves crafts and I truly do not.
I am extra grateful for my mom's patience in that area.

Drew and Dad's project of the week was a safe, similar to the one Owen inherited from me.

I love the finished product and the shade of blue that Drew chose.

Not pictured:
- Walks with Mom
- Dad fixed: a cupboard, our fence (Drew threw a baseball too hard), the boys' dresser (Drew used the drawers as ladder steps), and our pencil sharpener.
- Lunch at Old Fisherman's Grotto (best clam chowder, not the best fish & chips).
- A beach trip to find sea glass while Justin and I went on a date.
- Watching "The Cokeville Miracle" after church before they left.
- Grilled fish and vegetable Sunday dinner with the Barrs (that my parents prepared).
- Dad disliked our toaster oven so much, he bought us a thrift store toaster. The slots are so small that either the bread has to be squished in there or the bread has to be cooked one half at a time. So funny.
- Morning errands with Auggie, who is extra funny in the car.

A Beacon of a Deacon

The main reason my parents came to visit was for Owen's priesthood ordination.
He was ordained a deacon by Justin on Sunday, November 1.
The following Sunday he passed the sacrament for the first time.
He looked so small up there compared to the other boys.
He was so nervous, but did great.

From Owen's last day in primary:

Saturday, November 07, 2015

Animal Style

Just keeping the neighborhood safe.
(not our front yard)

School Halloween Parade

Drew's class - posted by his teacher.

Costume Fitting
Mom made the giant pants out of sheets.

Costume Contest at the Beach

Still debating who won.

Early Trick-or-Treating
Stopped by Sally's teacher's house.

And then our own house so they could trick or treat from my parents.

Trunk or Treat

Late Trick-or-Treating

The Loot
An obscene amount of candy.

Costume Notes:
- Still not sure what Owen was. He wore his black morph suit from last year. Shadow? Ninja?
- Drew was a very blue, Blue Jays player.
- Borrowed Sally's cha cha girl costume from a friend.
- Auggie's In n Out costume was so fun. Bought the giant pin on their site. Apron was a tea towel.
Randomly found the giant hamburger in Target summer clearance.
- Justin has been wanting to be a tall man for years.
Finally got dry wall stilts and his dream came true.