Saturday, November 07, 2015

Animal Style

Just keeping the neighborhood safe.
(not our front yard)

School Halloween Parade

Drew's class - posted by his teacher.

Costume Fitting
Mom made the giant pants out of sheets.

Costume Contest at the Beach

Still debating who won.

Early Trick-or-Treating
Stopped by Sally's teacher's house.

And then our own house so they could trick or treat from my parents.

Trunk or Treat

Late Trick-or-Treating

The Loot
An obscene amount of candy.

Costume Notes:
- Still not sure what Owen was. He wore his black morph suit from last year. Shadow? Ninja?
- Drew was a very blue, Blue Jays player.
- Borrowed Sally's cha cha girl costume from a friend.
- Auggie's In n Out costume was so fun. Bought the giant pin on their site. Apron was a tea towel.
Randomly found the giant hamburger in Target summer clearance.
- Justin has been wanting to be a tall man for years.
Finally got dry wall stilts and his dream came true.

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The Watkins said...

I want Ruby to be a cha cha girl. That is so cute! And oh Auggie! I want to hire him. And would it be so bad if that really was your over the top Halloween yard?!