Thursday, November 05, 2015

A 12-Year Old's Birthday

Woke up to the usual candy bar poster and balloons.

Did not wake up to any presents, however.
(was still waiting for his surfboard to arrive since the one we bought was damaged)

He had a half day at school, so we partied on a Monday.
His friends walked home with him for pizza, pumpkin pie (his request instead of cake), 
and the beach.

My parents are the best and drove through the night to be here first thing Owen's birthday morning.
They brought with them this 9 Square in the Air game.

The boys loved it, but after 20-30 minutes, they were back to the ocean.

The party minus Brenden:


The weather was sunny and perfect most of the afternoon, but then super thick fog rolled in.
And I was nervous I was going to lose a kid.


That night, Justin had school, so my parents took him birthday shopping.

And that handsome kid went to bed with a smile on his face.

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