Saturday, September 26, 2015

Auggie Turns 3

The Cake
Every time we go to Costco August has to look at the cakes.
Taking one home might have been the happiest day of his life.

He would open the fridge, say, "Ta da!" and just stare at it.

Last Sleep as a 2-Year Old
I get sentimental about that for some reason.

Birthday Breakfast
Donuts with sprinkles, of course.
He had a Sunday birthday so we bought them the day before.
Red's Donuts are the best here, but all his beloved sprinkle ones were gone by the time we got there.
So I added some at home.
And they just fell all over the plate.
But 3-year olds don't care.
And they don't mind that day-old donuts aren't that great.
You're welcome for that attractive picture.

Birthday Greetings
He watched the video from Sarah, Tes, and Meg at least 10 times.
My favorite is when he sang along with anyone that called
and added, "Cha cha cha" to the birthday song.

Drew and Sally asked if they could wrap presents.
I fell asleep laying with Auggie and woke up to this.
And loved it.
These two aren't always best friends, but they worked together great.

Auggie knew exactly what he wanted for his birthday.
And most of what he wanted were crap toys (a slingshot and a sword) that broke within hours.
This mini golf set was my favorite.

Happy Birthday

He had that cheesy grin on his face the whole time we were singing.

The Barrs and Hansens came over to share the massive cake with way too much frosting.

Owen told me he wouldn't have been happy if that was his birthday.
Between church, having to wait for Justin to get home after meetings to open presents,
to just staying home the rest of the day... not ideal for an 11 year old.
But for Auggie, the low key day was just fine.


Evaly said...

Aw! He's so big!

Rachel said...

That smile while everyone is sinning is the cutest ever!!!

The Watkins said...

I feel like you just had him. That cheesy smile is awesome. And as far as the donut picture goes, it's nice everyone once in awhile to know that you take an average picture. Makes the rest of of not feel so bad when I have to delete 99% of the ones I take because they're like that.