Saturday, October 11, 2014

Words of the Prophets

 August threw something at our TV and broke it the week before conference.
Which meant we watched conference via laptop this time around.

Somehow I decided conference Sunday would be a good time to start potty training.
Maybe not my wisest choice.
Between that and loud kids it was pretty hard to concentrate.

So I was thankful when President Monson spoke at the end of the Sunday AM session.
My house got so quiet and everyone listened, even August.
 (obviously those underwear didn't last long)

Then Sally showed me her notes.
I had told whichever kid that took notes, or drew pictures of what the speaker was talking about,
I would do their chores for the day.

Sally and Owen took me up on the offer.

I especially liked Sally's notes.

They weren't really what the speaker was talking about, but I love what she wrote.
"I know that Jesus loves me and others too. Not just me. Others."

Translated to:
"Of God's plan are the best plan's ever."
Then a picture of her next to Jesus with, "I love Him." And He's saying, "I love you, too."
And at the bottom: "When I started to draw I felt good inside and outside."

Her sweet little notes and President Monson totally saved conference over here.

My favorite talk was by Tad R. Callister: "Parents: The Prime Gospel Teachers of Their Children"

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Jaime said...

Sally's notes are so cute! Tad Callister is the father of Micah's soccer team mate, who is also named Tad after his Grampa. Funny, huh.