Sunday, October 05, 2014

Butterfly Parade


Drew and his fellow 3rd graders were beach bums for the butterfly parade this year.

Sally and the 1st graders were jellyfish.

I love this parade and teared up as the monarch butterfly kindergarteners kicked it off.

This was the parades 76th year!

Kind of a big deal over here.

Owen opted out of it this time around, but would've been a patriot.

Probably smart of was HOT and he didn't have an hour of conference to make up.

There's a carnival right after and it would've been fun to stay for if we weren't melting.

Was proud of my butterfly themed cupcakes for the bake sale and hope that frosting didn't melt.


kelli said...

Really CUTE cupcakes and boxes! Looks fun! I'm so tired of this hot weather.

Jaime said...

Your cupcakes are so cute. Looking at your pictures makes me miss PG but it does seem like its always hot when they do that walk. Micah would have been a butterfly this year.