Thursday, October 02, 2014

All Things Ball

This is the saddest excuse for a group of birthday pictures.

But August turned 2.

For his birthday, he got to help with a beach cleanup service project, go to McDonald's with the boys, take a nap, go to Drew's baseball game, then come home for his ball-themed party with the Laflans and Wades.

He was happy with the extra attention, a new supply of balls, and balloons everywhere.

I cooked pretty much all day long. I got so carried away with ball-themed food ideas for his party, that I was a little stressed. At least he didn't notice any different.

The party was fun, though. And he perfectly blew out his candle right away. Then wanted it re-lit over and over.

For his main present he got a baseball tee. He & Owen got up before everyone and discovered it without us. I heard him getting so excited from my room. Then when I showed him the balloons hanging from the ceiling he said, "Whoooah!" It was cute.

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The Watkins said...

2? Already? Whoa that went fast. He's still so cute, as always.