Saturday, August 02, 2014

Summer Visitors

Sunday (7/20)
Met sweet baby Meril
Went to church. Minus Brent, who was sick.
Visited the forest. Ellis collected sticks. And August turned every stick into a weapon growling, "Die!"
Stopped at the high school.

Monday (7/21)
Ate breakfast at Wagon Wheel. Hence Sally's Miss Piggy Pancakes. Don't mind her gum.
Attempted Point Lobos. It was full.
So we went to Hacienda Hay & Feed where the turtles were once again mating (sorry, not pictured).
Then to Earthbound Farms where raspberries were picked and soft serve ice cream was eaten.
Back at home, Ellis and Sally turned into cats. This was Ellis's random request. Love that she wanted me to paint her face.
Ended the day at the aquarium and Dennis the Menace Park (not pictured).

Tuesday (7/22)
17 Mile Drive.
Stillwater Cove.
Swam at the Lover's Point pool (not pictured).
Then jumped off the cement dock at Lover's Point.

Wednesday (7/23)
Drove with Brent and Errin to Big Sur on their way home.
Stopped at Bixby Bridge (not pictured).
Played in the river.
Tried Pfeiffer Beach (aka Purple Sand Beach). It was full.
Moved on to Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park to do the short hike to McWay Falls.
Said goodbye to Brent and Errin's family.
Visited Pfeiffer Beach on the way home since it had opened up. Purple sand was even less purple than last time we visited there 5 years ago.

We haven't gone anywhere since Justin left. The weather is too good and there is so much to do. So it was fun to have new people to do that stuff with.

On the side (7/21-25)
Owen and Drew had baseball camp every morning that week (at Cal State University - Monterey Bay). They loved it, but missed out on all our morning activities with Brent and Errin.


Torgersons said...

I'm jealous of all your access to these beautiful places. I love the cat faces. So funny!

stephanie said...

you take the best pictures. i love seeing all of the fun things you do.

The Watkins said...

The gum!! And that pier! You are an AMAZING photographer.