Monday, August 04, 2014


 Feast of Lanterns pet parade.

 Girls (+ August) dinner at Lalla Grill.
(boys were at Cal's birthday party)

 Feast of Lanterns program/fireworks.

Asilomar for the beach, making s'mores, and casting spells.
(watched a lot of Harry Potter that week)

Lunch date (mom and me) at Old Fisherman's Grotto on the wharf.
Locals menu was a great deal and so good.
Except that calamari, which we couldn't even try.

Farmer's market.

 Bagpipes at Spanish Bay golf course by the beach.
(Mom was there).

 Sally's project choice was this cupcake sewing kit.

Drew chose this weather station/green house.
Owen chose a magnet kit.

Crafts, crafts, and more crafts.
And I didn't have to help the kids with any of them.

I've said it a million times. My mom is the best. She lightened my load for a lovely week and left our house a better place.

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The Watkins said...

Thank goodness for moms! There are a lot of cool parades in Monterey.