Friday, August 22, 2014

Just Happy Together

Drew had been waiting 10 weeks for this moment.
I tried, but didn't cut it when it came to playing catch.

It killed the kids to go to school after we picked Justin up from the airport.
When they got home (and finished homework) they were just happy to be out front with Justin.

August is as obsessed with Justin as ever.
He's called for me like twice since Justin's been home.


The Watkins said...

10 weeks?! Goodness gracious. That's a long time. You are amazing. Families are happier and better together.

Krissie said...

The kids are getting so big & cute! 10 weeks with 4 kids seems like forever! I bet you were missing Justin like crazy. Thankfully, you are amazing at being supermom! Enjoy your time together! We miss you guys!

Rachel said...

Aww. :)