Monday, June 23, 2014


Remember this nice little scene from my vacation photo dump?
Our last stop before heading home: the Klamath River overlook.

All along this trail I saw leaves of three.
I was so careful to let them be.
But then the already narrow trail, narrowed even more and I totally slipped and fell into a patch of said leaves of three.

Got scraped up, but none of my internet searches for poison ivy or poison oak were an exact match to what I saw, so I assumed I was safe.

But then a few days later itchy bumps appeared.
Thought I had gotten eaten alive by mosquitos.
But then more and more came and the itching was out of control.
Talked to other victims of poison oak and they confirmed my worst fears.
After a full week of itching misery, I finally gave in and went to the doctor.
He and the nurse were both a little fascinated by my red, blistery, weeping legs.
Got a steroid shot, steroid pills, antibiotics, and anti-itching pills.
Only the doctor messed up and gave me pills for high blood pressure instead of for itching. Pounding headache.
Got that sorted out and 2 weeks later I'm feeling some relief. My legs are still scary, but the itching is mostly gone and I'm getting used to the stares of strangers.

My friend took this picture at the pool last Wednesday. I'm sure I was frightening young children. My left leg was swollen to twice the size of my right.

I don't have the words to adequately express the misery of poison oak. 
It is literally maddening.
And the steroids make me crazy.

Oh and right before the worst of it hit, Justin left to Jordan to study Arabic for the summer. Special.

The day after he left, lucky us caught this:
I'm trying to make you all miserable with me.

But I'll end with some happier moments:

The Carmel Valley Community Pool.

After we watched Maleficent the day before Justin left.

Visiting the tall ship, Irving Johnson, at Fisherman's Wharf over the weekend.


Torgersons said...

Your poor legs! That rat is disgusting. I have heard good things about that movie. Too bad Dan hates Angelina Jolie. Maybe I will go see it by myself.

Lindsay Riggs said...

I'm SO sorry for you!

bryce and paige said...

Oh my gosh, Shauna. I'm dying at what you had to endure with your legs. I can't even tell you how sorry I am that you had to go through that mess. I think about you all the time lately, doing it by yourself with your, not three, but four kids. You are so awesome. And I'm loving all of these posts!

The Watkins said...

Oh shoot Shauna. I do feel miserable. I guess that 'leave them be' isn't an old wives' tale. All summer? If you need an escape, you are welcome here.

Rachel said...

I am miserable with you. :( I wish so bad we could afford to go up there and visit!! But I must say.. your legs look immaculately shaven in that poison oak picture! I thought you had thick hair like me, or did you actually shave it over all those awful bumps?! That rat also looks disgusting.

Katie said...

As I sit here with an ice pack ace bandaged around my very swollen right foot from a stinking deer fly bite, I feel a little terrible for you! And that pill switching is super scary!!! Glad you got that straightened out and are getting a bit of relief. Sorry that you're having to do it all alone! You'll make the most of it though, and glad I get to follow along with your fabulous pictures!