Saturday, June 08, 2013

We Got Ourselves a Crawler

Owen got August to crawl for the first time by setting his DS out for him.

A couple days went by and not much more crawling was going on.
So Owen laid out his DS again, and lo and behold it worked:

He gets where he wants to go now,  just not fast enough.
There's still a lot of sitting and crying to be picked up going on.
Which is not helping our packing situation any.

But back to crawling, I remember we set out a brownie to get Drew to crawl.
Now that kid has the biggest sweet tooth of them all.
I'm hoping this doesn't mean August will be the biggest gamer.


The Watkins said...

Uh oh...keep him clear of the Wii.

Rachel said...

Maybe some day I will finally get an equal match in DRMARIO.

Evaly said...

hahaha! We got McKell to walk by holding out the Costco-size goldfish box. Whatever works!