Friday, June 28, 2013

Alan Here

My dad is awesome and volunteered to drive the kids and me to Monterey,
then stay and help us get settled for a few days.

Our adventure started with him treating us to ice cream before 10 in the morning.

Oh look...more sweets.
His first lolly and he ate it like he'd had 50 before.

We were in the car all day.
It wasn't too bad though, thanks to my dad driving, all the snacks, movies, and stops.
We even added a little driving time by taking the scenic Hwy 1 route.

Said route was very windy.


The next 2 days were filled with unpacking and more unpacking.
I kept trying to talk my dad into taking breaks for fun,
but he was seriously just happy working and enjoying the nice weather.
The one request he did have was clam chowder on the wharf.
 We love sampling them all, but always end up eating a Crabby Jim's.

Sunday we took a walk down Navy Pier to see what we could see.

Then played at the beach right by it.
Drew was excited about sticking his finger in an anemone for the first time.
And those are not short shorts, just pants he rolled up.

That's the pier we walked down and beach we played at.

Before going home, we drove along the coast for a little bit.

Last time we lived here we were about a mile up the hill from the ocean.
Our house now is about a mile inland from that old house.
So I've had it stuck in my head that we're farther away from the ocean this time around.
But Sunday as we were driving around I realized we live on a point (aka the Monterey Peninsula).
So if we go east OR west (or even north) we'll get to the ocean.
Had no idea.
Here's a picture in case you're geographically challenged like me.

Monday the boys and I rode bikes down to the coast.
I'm still learning this neighborhood so we ended up going the long way.
Then we were too wussy to ride back up the hill so I called my dad to rescue us.
He needed an excuse to see the ocean one last time anyway.

This was just before we took him to the airport (which was sad).

It was so so helpful and awesome having him here.
Sally wanted to hide his plane ticket so he'd have to stay.
If only that would've worked I would have helped her do it.

*"Alan here" is the greeting you'll get if you call my parents' house and Dad answers the phone.


bryce and paige said...

Hooray for awesome dads. And it's absolutely beautiful there! What a fun place to live. Glad you made it!

Torgersons said...

Now I'm tempted to call your parents' house. You have a cute dad. Always have loved him. And I can't believe you're lucky enough to live that close to the ocean. Does your house have room for visitors? :)

Krissie said...

I haven't even met your parents & I love them! I'm glad everything worked out well and we should be up that way sometime in September, so maybe we can see each other! Glad the house is unpacked!

Dave said...

Dads are the best. April and I are always singing their praises. If I'd known yours was a great one too, you could have joined in. I love that last picture.