Thursday, June 27, 2013

Swimming and More Swimming


I had originally planned to head to AZ right after school got out,
but being too tired to drive, waited til the next morning.
(Justin went straight to Monterey since his school started Monday)

Tami and her 11 kids beat me to my parents' house (it was a race in my head okay).
She had arranged a sibling dinner that night at Flancer's.
August and I got to be chauffeured in Tami's 12 passenger Sprinter.
I was laughing at him trying to see me over the seats.

 Just Dance with Tami's kids.
Drew's got rhythm.
Thanks Tami for the picture.

 We met Tami/Jay's #11, Joshua.
And also Jason/Candace's Oliver (how do I not have a picture of that perfect baby???)

Then started 3 days of nonstop swimming.
Popsicles in the pool with friends' kids.

 Katie's cute Harrison.

This was his first time swimming (at 9 months!) and he loved it.

 Still at the Pearson's fun pool.

That night was my aunt Denise's.

The next day, Karen's.

Gwen came back to my parents' with us for a sleepover with Sally.
 So helpful.

 Cole and his friend serenaded my mom with a birthday song.

 Met some Hollobaugh cousins at the Mesquite Aquatic center.

We ended our time in AZ with a family birthday party for my mom at Aunt Darla's.

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