Sunday, June 23, 2013

Packing, Last Days, and Good-byes

Jacob and Rachel took a break from their beach camping with Jacob's family to meet us at church.
Last Sunday in Carlsbad.

That night we had a fun time with our neighbors/church friends/school friends at the Rough's house.

They woke up to a deconstructed kitchen table and made do.


It was seriously a miracle that everything fit in that truck.
Justin put together one big puzzle.

Last day of preschool with Miss Leigh.
The "Thriller" dance, speaking Martian, and magic tricks were some preschool highlights.
Leigh is awesome.

Leigh's daughter/Sally's friend, Brienna.

Bonus last day!
She normally didn't have preschool on Wednesdays,
but she went one last time for the PJ/pancake party.
Slim pickings in the pajama department during the move.

Singing to Bieber with Errin.

Menchie's frozen yogurt.
I love Ellis's obsession with, "Auggie."

Last time walking home from school.

Pierce was so nice to walk them home and carry backpacks.

Owen got Mrs. Collins as his teacher for the 2nd semester.
Same teacher he had/loved in 1st grade.

Drew requested a picture with her, but did NOT want one with his own teacher.

Had to bribe him.
Owen snuck away from his class's ice cream party to say hi to Gavin
(who peeked out from his class's dance party).
They were awesome friends for 2 years.

Drew's best school friend, Lazo.
After this picture they gave each-other the biggest, most sincere bear hug.
Both were fighting back tears and it kind of broke my heart.

Pierce again.
He was in junior high and would wait after school most days to walk them home.
And not his own sisters :)

Another good friend, Jacob.

Owen's other best friend Westley.
By this point the good-byes were too much and Owen couldn't stop the tears.

As sad as the good-byes were, it was almost a relief to have them over with.
Thank goodness for Ellis's comic relief.
We stayed with Brent & Errin the last few days we were there.

He discovered fruit leather.

Kitchen sink bathing during pizza making.
Hopefully there was no cross-contamination.

Justin drove the U-Haul to Monterey Tuesday,
unloaded it that evening,
then flew back to Carlsbad Wednesday AM for more loading and cleaning.
It was never-ending for me, so I can't even imagine for him.
This was the 2nd load that he drove up Friday morning.

The lovely (not really) art that Brent installed on the garage ceiling (where we slept).
Turning off our street for the last time.

Seems like I say this every 2-3 years, but good-byes are the worst.
And moving is hard.
It was a little less hard this time, knowing that Monterey was in our future,
but we will miss Carlsbad for sure and feel lucky that we got almost 3 years there.


Annie Packard said...

This post makes me so sad. Come back! Please?

The Watkins said...

Ditto. :(

The Watkins said...

Also I love that picture of Justin in front of the trailer. Bravo on that puzzle. Honestly that last one pulling out of the street makes me want to cry. And I didn't know that their class had a dance party, I'll have to ask Ruby about that one.

Jaime said...

Carlsbad is Jacen's dream location. He always asks me why we don't move there. Moving is SO hard. In your pictures you make it look fun. Our UHaul was packed even more than yours. I seriously did NOT think it would fit. It was Greg Stewart's talent that it fit. Too bad we left right as you are moving there. We miss you guys. Let us know if you are ever in Clovis/Fresno area. We will for sure be back to visit PG.

kelli said...

Tears! Come back Pleeese! We miss you! These pictures are awesome and sad.

Rachel said...

The two pics that made my heart break were the ones where Owen actually started crying, and Drew with Lazo, where they hugged afterward. They both look so happy I could die! LOVE Ellis comic relief. And LOVE Auggie in the back, how come he is so darn cute and happy and I can't even stand it! Also LOVE Sally singing her heart out to Bieber.

Julie said...

Its a life style few understand, Im so glad you have a birght place to live next it would be really hard to move and go to some unplesent land. 5 stars for the moving truck!

Krissie said...

I'm so sad your gone! Fun adventures await you!

Evaly said...

Miss you!