Sunday, June 09, 2013

In Between Packing

You'd think it was Mother's Day with all the beautiful jewelery my kids made me.

It's June and Sally dictated her first Christmas list of the year to me.
In story form.
She has some high hopes.

Some friends came over for a little evening bike riding.
Justin had to try out Ashley's bucket bike.

Later, Ashley was nice to give Drew a ride.
And even nicer to give him control of her phone during the ride.
 68 self portraits later, she might be regretting that decision.

He also got some good shots of the people they passed.
I like that old man in his short shorts.
And the friendly fellow waving from his truck.

1 comment:

The Watkins said...

Did you tell her that 'once upon a time' is when she'll have her own ipad she won't have to share. I wish you had a pic of them speeding down the cul de sac hill.