Friday, March 22, 2013

The Back to Back Birthdays

Sally's Day
- Pancakes with strawberries and whip cream
- Purple balloons
- Her "birthday outfit" that she laid out the night before
- Preschool
- Birthday shopping with Grandma
- Mac & Cheese
- A sick brother (Drew)
- Playing at Jones's house
- Spaghetti
- Angel food cake with more strawberries and whip cream,
but she chose the chocolate frosted one that was made for non-strawberry lovers instead
- Lego Friends/My Little Pony Pants/Ice Cream Necklace/Skylanders


 Drew's Day
- 3 Musketeers for breakfast
- Mostly better, but got to stay home from school
- Skylanders
- 3 Musketeers for lunch
- Heelys (the heaviest shoe ever made and he's so proud of them)
- A sick brother (Owen)
- Shopping with Grandma
- Pizza dinner
- Pinewood Derby (got 12th out of 29...not bad for a car that ran on 3 out of 4 wheels)
- Ice cream instead of cake

I felt like I didn't do a ton for their birthdays, but they were happy.
Having my parents and Cole in town made their days.


Krissie said...

Sounds like fun birthday celebrations!

Jenny said...

That top picture is such perfection

The Watkins said...

No you didn't do a ton...just more than most moms (myself included) would do.