Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Stand in Holy Places

Our New Beginnings (10.8.3 on the link) for Young Women's was last week.
My brain doesn't work super fancy, so it's fun to work with people whose brain's do.

I was in charge of the table centerpieces and a welcome gift for the new Beehives.
Everything else was done by our new YW President and her daughter.
For the centerpieces I got a shoe from each incoming Beehive that represented her.
Spray painted a pot.
Hemmed some turquoise fabric.
Stole some sand from the beach.
Didn't steal flooring and turf from Home Depot.
And got flowers.
(I had my beloved poppies in my cart ready to go, but the ranunculus were calling my name)

Some of what Heather put together:

 Dessert/Value Table.
Monster cupcakes were inside those cute cricut-made holders.
Heather (YW Pres) hand drew that picture of the San Diego Temple.
And between her and her daughters they just happen to have perfect shoes in every value color.

 Place setting favors/program (and there was a coordinating water bottle).

The incoming Beehives for this year.

A couple days later...
The ranunculus found a home in my front yard.

They watched them get planted.

That picture above reminds me Drew FINALLY lost his first tooth.
He will be 7 next week.
Fell out during school.
He was sure the tooth fairy would bring him $20 since that's what his friend got.
Didn't happen, but he was okay with his much smaller amount.

And back to the flower planting observers...

Oh was this supposed to be all about New Beginnings?

I can tie it in.

The New Beginnings theme was based on the 2013 theme for all young men and young women,

We showed this video:

My favorite line was at the end,
"As long as you have holy thoughts in your head...
and you are holy...
there's no need to make a holy place.
Because you are holy, your spot is holy."

So who knows what thoughts were in those crazy boys' heads,
But I like thinking that even that truck bed could be a holy place.


Jessica Crozier said...

Love the centerpieces!! So cute, unique and very personalized. Love the rainbow of shoes and favors, too.
Glad Mason isn't the only late bloomer with teeth. He'll be 7 in June and has only lost his 2 bottom teeth. :-)
Hope you guys are well!

Torgersons said...

Okay, I'm going to have to copy this for Evening in Excellence. I'm the ward YW Personal Progress specialist, which also means I'm in charge of New Beginnings and Evening in Excellence (evil, I know). Can you email me the program and where you found those cute shoes and stuff? I'm stealing this for sure. Also, did you guys make invites and stuff? I'm thinking your post might turn into a Pinterest phenomenon.

Torgersons said...

P.S. Did you find those value printables somewhere or did you guys make those too?

Shannon said...

I think that's pretty fancy! Compared to ours anyway ;) I love the idea about a shoe representing each girl... that's awesome! (and I am loving some of those shoes your YW pres. has). I wish we hadn't had ours already so I could have stolen some of your ideas! Those girls are lucky to have you as their leader.

Shannon said...

PS: I used that video too and also loved those last few lines. So true

Lindsay Riggs said...

Those center pieces are so cute and clever! What a fun night! I'm glad you got to keep those ranunculus after all your hard work.

Krissie said...

I love it! Those centerpieces are so cute! The kids are so cute & I can't believe how big August is getting! We need to get together soon!

Krissie said...

I love it! Those centerpieces are so cute! The kids are so cute & I can't believe how big August is getting! We need to get together soon!

Jenny said...

Beautiful ranunculus! And how amazing is that New Beginnings. We did a color run with holi powder for each color. I'm digging those shoes right now, too.

kjhaskins said...

Love your ideas. Can you tell me where you got the cute little shoes?

Martha said...

Where did you get your subway art and is it possible to send it to me? What about the glass slippers - adorable!!!