Thursday, March 14, 2013

Rachel + Jacob

The kids being escorted from the visitor's center to see Rachel & Jacob come out of the temple.
Photo Credit: Errin


 Photo Credit: Errin

Photo Credit: Candace
Gwen pushed August in the stroller any chance she could get.
 Photo Credit: Errin
Fruit Pizza Bar

 The flower girls/nieces traded their flowers for umbrellas at the temple,
then had fun with the flowers at the reception.

Photo Credit: Denise (aunt)
Brothers/brothers-in-law on kitchen duty.

 Photo Credit: Emma (Tami's daughter)

 Photo Credit: Justin

Photo Credit: Justin
March 8, 2013

Everything about the day was perfect.

Except the weather.

The cold, windy, rainy, hail-y weather that forced the reception to be moved from my parents' beautiful backyard to the church cultural hall.

And the weather that made post-wedding temple pictures crazy.

It was so sad, but we made the most of it with cute flower girl umbrellas and wedding rain boots. 

And thank goodness for Errin and some other talented ladies that could transform (as much as possible) a cultural hall.

Can't wait for the professional pictures.

So happy for them.

"I'm in love with this guy Jacob. And even though it took me a while to realize it, Heavenly Father knew how much I loved rain so he gave it to me on the most special day of my entire life." - Rachel (via Facebook)


Torgersons said...

Beautiful pictures. Beautiful bride. Beautiful everything. What a party!

Jaime said...

What fun pictures!