Wednesday, March 20, 2013

He's a Civilian


Justin is officially out of the military as of last Monday, March 11.

That was one tough decision to come to and I'm glad it's over with.

We were going back and forth until literally the day before.

Even that day I couldn't believe it was really happening.

After being in the military almost 10 years, I kind of thought we'd just do the whole 20 to earn retirement.

Which would be practical.

But it didn't feel right.

And now we feel peace.

Stressful peace if there is such a thing.

While job and school hunting (for an Arabic/Middle Eastern Studies masters program), Justin is doing some part-time work for my cousin Chad's company (thanks Chad!).

And we all have our dreams...

Sally wants to move to Arizona cause she really likes it and has friends (aka cousins) there, "Brook, Gwen, Payten, and the little guy Gavin."

Drew wants to move to Serbia. Yes, Serbia. His best school friend, Lazo, is from there. And if you're born in Serbia you don't have to have a middle name. But Drew likes his middle name.

Owen was going back and forth between moving to AZ to be near all his cousins or staying here with his friends and Jones. He ended up choosing to stay here.

I would love to stay here, too. Would also love to go back to Monterey. Or to Arizona. Or honestly, even somewhere in the Middle East. If there were a safe Middle-Eastern country for our family, it would be so great for Justin to live there and get fluent in Arabic. I think I could handle a year away. And then come back to a great job just waiting for him (on the West coast of course, even though he'd be fine on the East) where he could use Arabic, we could settle, and never move again.

Justin would like to start an Arabic program on the Rim in Payson. But really, he just wants to know the language well enough to have a career using it.

For now...yay for never deploying again.

Grateful that the military got us to where we are now, and grateful that we're done with it.


danna said...

This whole post makes me happy! So excited for you guys!

Evaly said...

Wow- big decision! Totally familiar with stressful peace. I will be praying for you to find the perfect opportunity. (Which I selfishly hope is here :) That is the cutest pic!

amanda weichers said...

Ok I vote for Monterey :) congratulations on this new adventure

Cher said...

So complicated! It might be best if only you and Justin decide and not the kids:) I hope the right things comes along soon!

Cher said...

So complicated! It might be best if only you and Justin decide and not the kids:) I hope the right things comes along soon!

The Watkins said...

Thank you Justin for serving our country. And thank you military for getting you to where you are now, as in Carlsbad.

The Watkins said...

Remind me to tell about the friends I have who live in Abu Dhabi and LOVE it.

Jaime said...

I was waiting for this post ever since Albert told him he'd gotten out. Hard choices! It will be interesting to see what happens for your family.

Jenny said...

HUGE decision! And so excited for your family. Looking forward to finding out what your family will be doing next. And the pictures of it. yep. definitely pictures of the middle east would be neat

Rachel said...

Hahaha Jacob and I can't stop laughing at Drew. And proud of you guys! Definitely praying for ya'll! Come live here! Buy that yellow house.. :) You'd like it! And we'd be neighbors!