Thursday, March 14, 2013

Getting There


Getting to AZ for Rachel's wedding took 2 tries.
I left with the kids Wednesday night (Justin still had some checking out to do at work).
After driving 3 hours and only getting 90 miles (traffic),
we were directed by police off the freeway to a gas station.
The I-8 was completely closed due to a crime scene/murder on the freeway.
So instead of waiting 2+ hours for it to open (it would've been late),
I turned around and went back home.
Drove 4 1/2 hours solo for nothing.

Left again first thing the next morning and made it no problem.
Drove alone again...that's how desperate I was to get my hair done.
But this time it went great.
Justin came later Thursday with Brent.

Anyway, Karen did my hair then we went straight to the wedding dinner that Jacob's family hosted.
Cute and yummy.
Photo by Uncle Craig

Got to my parents' and August got some freedom from his car seat and stroller.
He had fun with Cole and his guitar that night.
And the next morning (wedding day) he got his first swinging experience...also thanks to Cole.


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