Wednesday, March 27, 2013



Some of our family activities are more successful than others.

Egg dye-ing 2013 falls in the less successful category.

Sally & I blew the eggs out so I could use them for confetti eggs for a YW activity.

We had a bowl full of 11 eggs (their guts anyway) when Owen came to help.

He accidentally tipped the bowl over right into my open purse.

And then Sally peeked at a boiling cup of water and got a little too close.

She now has a lovely burn on her chin.

The night ended on a good note at least...we watched You Tube videos of the Primary Easter song, "Did Jesus Really Live Again" and were way too impressed with this random lady's visual aid. Sally watches it on repeat.


Natalee said...

Not to discredit your fabulous night or anything... but I am amazed at the video I just watched.

Poor Sally. And not so poor you. I think that event entitles you to a NEW purse!

The Watkins said...

Wow! This makes me feel like I'm not really magnifying my new calling.

Evaly said...

Just watched the video with Meg and she said "AGAIN!" That's a seriously awesome poster. And you definitely get a new purse. Yuck! So funny but sad :)