Monday, December 03, 2012

The Front Yard

 Remember that one time I planted watermelon seeds and those yellow flowers grew instead?
And how I thought for the longest time that those flowers were watermelon blossoms?
And now they're dead and ugly and someone should do something about that.
Oh wait, Sally is.
But I'm afraid all her watering isn't going to help.

 It is not baseball season.
In fact, this was the day of Owen's first basketball game.
I looked out the front window to see both boys in full uniform playing in the middle of the street.

He keeps hoping Cole's old batting gloves will fit.


Rachel Lyn said...

Love those boys. And I'm starting to accept the fact that they love Cole so much. It was actually super sweet to see Drew get mad at Jones for saying he didn't like Cole. And how are watermelons supposed to grow and fit in that tiny planter?!

The Watkins said...

Love August's little 'O' mouth. I want to kiss it.

The Watkins said...

Except that we'd probably give you the flu, oh wait, I think we already did.