Sunday, December 23, 2012

Counting Down

Drew was just about in tears when at bedtime I told him he had to wait until tomorrow NIGHT to open his one Christmas Eve present (verses first thing in the morning like he would prefer). The suspense is killing him.

And then there's Sally who finished off her entire chocolate advent calendar a few days ago, thinking that'd hurry Christmas up. Cause when the chocolate are gone, Christmas is here. Right?

And now that I've got presents wrapped, I'm okay with Christmas coming, too.

But until then we've kept busy with bike rides, present guessing, another Christmas party, plenty of Christmas movies, and a San Diego Temple light trip.

 Jones is manly enough to ride the girl bike.

 Nope, not Christmas morning.
Just excited to see some presents under the tree after getting home from school/preschool.

 PJ's and candy lips due to preschool Polar Express party.

 Another Santa.
Owen is probably too big to be sitting on his lap.

 Cookie decorating at the party.

This party was held at the Army and Navy Academy in Carlsbad.
It was sponsored by a church in Oceanside.
The last few years they've done service for homeless people,
but this year they wanted to do something nice for military.
I'm grateful, but feel guilty!
They were so generous.

 Owen was one happy kid when he came home from the party with a new BB gun and safety goggles.
(They had asked us in advance for gift suggestions for the kids).

Then today...
They are just too fast stripping out of their church clothes.
I've been hoping for some sort of Christmas card picture all month.
And so far this is the best I've got.
But this is pretty much them...
Angry Birds shirt, undershirt, tattoos that won't wash off, and all.

Merry almost Christmas!


Jaime said...

Micah did the same thing--hurry and eat his chocolates in his advent calendar thinking it would hurry up Christmas. (: Merry Christmas! Your baby looks like a little Hollobaugh!

Krissie said...

Merry Christmas! I'm so glad we ran into you at the temple on Sunday night! It sounds like the kids are keeping you extremely busy! I love all the photos!