Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Day

 Justin fixed up his old mission bike for Owen.


The newest family Lego addict.

 His Build-A-Bear Halloween costume is now being worn by his Build-A-Husky.

 And I got a bike.
Last time I had a new one I was 12.
It's so fun.

 Justin also fixed up these electric scooters we inherited from his parents.

 After a lazy morning at home, we met Brent & Errin at the beach.

 My friend Annie has a Christmas Day sandman tradition that we copied.

 And my aunt Liesel has a Chinese food Christmas dinner tradition (a la Christmas Story)
that we also copied.
Food was delicious.
The hour wait for it was not.
Fa ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra ra.

While we didn't get to go out of town this year, at least there were some benefits.

Not packing up Christmas.
Being in our own house Christmas morning.
Not packing up Christmas.
Going to the beach.
That Brent & Errin were here, too.
Not packing up Christmas.
Taking down Christmas the day after.

We missed being with extended family, but this was a good change for one year anyway.


The Watkins said...

did you start Christmas morning in the dark?? I made my poor kids wait until 7. And your sandman is much more sculpted that our blob turned out to be.

Lisa said...

I just LOVE your blog, especially because of your humor. :-D

brentanderrin said...

LOVE, LOVE the picture of Sally on her toes in her converse!!!!