Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Week with Mom

These were taken the night before my mom left to go back home.

We were lucky and got a whole week with her.

It was so nice.

She was a:
- Scout helper (took Drew to his first den meeting for Tiger Scouts (a demanding den meeting at that) and did a belt loop with him)
- Tutor (homework with Owen takes extra patience)
- House cleaner/organizer
- Chef (left us with a freezer full of meals in addition to regular meals)
- Driver (kids to school, me to everywhere I needed to be)
- Middle of the night baby calmer
- Sewer (helped make diapers cute for burp rags)
- Life coach

And more.

We were spoiled and it was hard to see her go.

Thank you so much Mom.

PS Three faves from my phone:
 First meeting August at the hospital.
(after a 6 hour drive here turned to 9 after being stuck behind an accident).

 One quiet afternoon (Owen & Drew @ school; Sally @ a friend's) I fed August then took a nap.
I woke up to a house that was still quiet, a peaceful sleeping baby, and home-made salsa (the best).
I may have shed a tear.

Sally & my mom were room buddies.
A couple nights they stayed up a little later than the other kids.
My mom got her ear talked off, layers of make-up applied, and some fancy hair accessories.


Joanna & Ben said...

beautiful baby, wonderful mother. Glad she could be there for you.

Lindsay Riggs said...

August is so cute and your mom is awesome!!

Rachel Lyn said...

Mom won't stop talking about how much she missed your kiddos. How much she loves Sally's giggle especially. Makes me happy/jealous. But I'll see you next week!

Evaly said...

That last pic is so adorable! What a sweet mom.