Friday, August 31, 2012

The Tramway

Justin made the mistake of telling me about this place he heard about in Palm Springs where you can ride an aerial tram high up into the mountains (Palm Springs Aerial Tramway).

He can't tell me about things like this and expect me to wait to go explore.

Sounded like the perfect pre-back to school family activity to me.

So that's how we spent our Monday.

The tram ride was cool, but a little over-rated for the price.
+ The views were awesome
+ We can now say we've ridden in "The World's Largest Rotating Tramcar"
- Too short for the price (10 minutes each way)
- No chairs
- Too many people crammed inside (is our own private tram too much to ask?)

BUT at the top, it was really cool and made up for the above minuses.

 The dreaded Angry Birds shirt he talked me in to getting him for school.
I let him wear it all he wants in hopes it'll wear out faster.

 Smells like vanilla.

She has no tennis shoes that fit and preferred being barefoot to wearing sandals.

 Excited to find a Christmas tree.

 His bark collection he was sad to leave behind (park rules, not mine).

A crappy picture in front of our tram.

Justin and I loved this day...Justin was happy being in nature that reminded him of the rim in Payson (AZ) where he grew up. I always love seeing new places, and loved being just our family with no distractions (I don't think that's happened all summer).

Owen loved it about half the time. He wasn't sure our little nature walk was ever going to end, and was most affected by the swaying of the tram.

Drew was so happy exploring, except every time he tripped (which was a lot) he wanted to go home. Then a minute later he'd find a new piece of bark and was happy again.

Sally did super awesome, barefoot and all. I really don't think she complained.

Baby in my belly made me tired.

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Lindsay Riggs said...

Oh man, we did that four years ago and I was not a fan of the tram ride (I am a wimp when it comes to heights). But it is amazing once you get to the top! It is so cool that you can go from 100+ degree weather to beautiful weather in ten minutes!