Thursday, August 09, 2012

It's Still Summer

This was from week 2 of swim lessons.
Drew & Owen are in the same class.
Their teacher just so happens to be a young woman from our ward.
They love her.
And are possibly IN love with her.
Drew told Justin she's cute.

 Errin has been telling me to try Bagel Shack ever since we moved here.
Finally made it (it's in San Clemente) on our way up to Danna's one day.
Wish I tried it new favorite.

 Drew was reading after lights out!
Do you know how happy this made me?
They can sneak to read any time they want.

 Discovered way too late in the summer that Surf Bowl in Oceanside offers
free bowling for kids all summer long.
Owen was proud to have the highest score.
Being the oldest one there could've helped.

 White trash moment of the summer...Sally bringing Mickey to the beach.
In place of a towel.

The next 3 are from an especially good beach day.
Low, low tide and awesome weather.
Every Wednesday our ward meets at Tower 30.
We were so late that day, that the last group left almost after we got there.
But then a weird thing happened...the kids had to play w/each-other!
And they entertained themselves so well.


 I don't even bring beach toys anymore (other than the boogie board if they carry it).
The pringles container worked just fine that day.

 We've been doing the reading program all summer.
They earned their humongous t-shirts after reporting 7 different times.
When I exclaimed sarcastically over the greatness of another pajama shirt,
Drew informed me he was going to embarrass me and wear it as a day shirt.
Hasn't happened yet.

 Errin, Jones, and Ellis were in AZ for awhile and so we got the privilege of extra visits from Brent.
One night he was nice and took the boys to see the new Wimpy Kid movie.
But then another night he felt the need to tell them about a poop-throwing incident from his past.
He's lucky he didn't get out of the car after going to Rubios with Justin.
Drew had a little surprise waiting for him.

More Jeep time for Justin.
Love those $3 coveralls from the base thrift store.

 Finally started passing off some Scout stuff with Owen.
One requirement was to cook his own breakfast.
That plate is full of 5 scrambled eggs.
He ate them ALL.
He was so proud of himself, he made 2 more and ate them, too.

 Justin got me this cookbook a few years ago.
Sally loves to look through it.
She's been requesting this recipe for awhile.
Finally got the ingredients and we made it together with her friend, Brienna.
It was really good.
And I felt accomplished when it turned out.
BUT I really think the main appeal for her was the strawberries and cream.
We could've skipped the whole meringue madness.
Next time, I'll just get these instead (another yummy thing Errin told me about).

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Rachel Lyn said...

Yay this post makes me happy! Especially Mickey at the beach and Drew embarrassing you with his big t shirt haha. And I'm proud of Owen :)