Friday, August 24, 2012

Heat Survival

Yes, I'm still talking about the heat and how we survived.
I should note that outside it wasn't that bad.
But with humidity, no breeze and warm temps our house was usually around 85 inside.

Aside: Notice I used some past tense? Hoping the heat is gone!

Anyway, Owen's heat-induced frown turned upside down after jumping in a bucket of water.

And I got happy after figuring out how to make grilled brownies.
 They were delicious with Danna's caramel sauce on top.

After living here 2 years, we finally visited the base pool.
Don't know why I have such an aversion to going on base.
Well, kind of I do.
But I should get over it for this awesome & free pool, cheap groceries
(only gone to the commissary twice here),
and the cheap theater (where we saw "Brave" after the pool).

Last Sunday I was super grateful to eat dinner at Brent & Errin's.
No heating up my house and they're closer to the ocean, so it's a little bit cooler there.
Oh and Errin makes good food.
Also grateful for our after-dinner entertainment.

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Evaly said...

K, you have to teach me about the brownies! And it was truly SURVIVAL- even if everyone in AZ is making fun of us :) SO grateful for these cool days.