Friday, August 31, 2012

Back to School

 Stopped for a little back to school shopping at the outlets on our way home from the tram.
The purchase they were most excited about...rash guards.
Oh, you don't need rash guards for school?

They got to spend the day before school started with me at the grocery store.
If we hadn't been desperate for groceries, I would've waited one more day.
 But it was good to go to remind me that going back to school has its bonuses.

That day also included swimming, hair cuts, and father's blessings.

The big day...
They both did awesome going to their new classes.

3rd grade Owen all of a sudden seems a lot more grown up.

1st grade Drew was tough, but fighting back tears.
He couldn't look at me to say bye as he sat there coloring his little balloon picture.

And then there was me full on crying at school.

They both came home happy.

Drew was relieved the long day was over and that he found his friends at recess.
(he's not so sure full-day school is a good thing)

Owen was happy to see long-lost friends and he likes his teacher.
(but neither of us was a fan of homework on the first day)

In bed that night I heard Owen say, "I liked the first day of school Drew! Did you?"

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