Friday, August 24, 2012


This is our last full week of summer, so I wanted to do some fun things with the kids.
(Justin was on the rifle range so couldn't miss work or join us for anything..but he did shoot expert!)

Owen wasn't approving of any of my suggestions on Monday so I asked him what HE wanted to do.
Sea World.
I don't think he thought I'd really say yes.
But we still hadn't used our free military day yet this year so we went.
It was so hot that the boys wanted to be in the splash zone at the Shamu show.
Towards the end when they still hadn't been splashed, they got distracted and a little whiny.
And then when none of us were paying attention, 3 huge splashes came our way and we were all DRENCHED.
As in, it looked like we showered in our clothes.
The boys loved it.
Sally cried.

Is it sad that the highlights of our day was the disappearing ink the boys got thanks to someone giving us their tickets in the arcade?
And also, running into a huge turtle that was out for a walk (with Seaworld employees)?
Neither really fit into the "sea" category.
Still love the Monterey aquarium the best.

 Our Disney day had been planned for awhile.
Ideally I wouldn't go on in hot weather being 34 weeks pregnant,
but Sally's pass expired the next day so we had to get in our last visit.

The main goal of the day was to experience the new Cars Land.
It's awesome!
But we were nervous when right at 8AM there was already 1/2 hour line just to get a fast pass for the Radiator Springs Racer ride.
That was the worst of it, though.
Thanks to Annie (my friend who met us there w/her 2 kids) we got right on the Luigi ride.
And then the Mater tractor ride was a short wait after that.

But then we had time to kill.


Annie took the boys on Tower of Terror (Owen's first time).

While we did a kiddie ride.

 Little Mermaid/proof I was there.
(It might be time to retire that F21 t-shirt. I've definitely gotten my $5 worth)

Exploring Cars Land.

Then finally the big ride.
Loved waiting 15 minutes (verses 2 hours).
 And loved that ride.

And obviously, Disneyland.

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