Sunday, February 12, 2012

USS Midway

The brig.

"A Toaster!"
- Drew's loud response when asked if he knew what that was.

The Top Gun Tomcat

Earned their wings.
(loved that they had a pamphlet for the kids to complete and earn these at the end)

Finally toured the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier thanks to half off museum month here

We did the kid version of the tour (meaning they zipped through it). 
The Midway is HUGE though, so even that took 2 hours.
Errin was the main audio guide listener.
Between her and the kids pamphlet, it was fun learning some new things.
I'd go back.


Jessica Crozier said...

That's one of our favorite places over there! Especially Mason, for obvious reasons.

Evaly said...

I hadn't heard of half-off museum month. I'll have to check that out!

The Watkins said...

I have a patient that is a docent there. They keep telling me to go, thought my kids were a little young, but maybe we'll check it out.

The Watkins said...

I love that first picture with Sally's pink flats poking out under the gate.

Krissie said...

How fun! It took us forever to go through with us! 2 hours seems a lot better, but it's a fun museum!

Rachel Lyn said...

There are many things I love about this post. Namely Drew, Jones, and Sally saluting the lady and Drew's cut-offs.

Kirsten said...

Cute pictures Shauna! I love the picture of the lady smiling at Brent holding Errin's purse AND the one of the all the kids saluting. Super cute and fun!

Sherri said...

Ditto to Rachel's post. :-)

Bethany said...

All the times we've been to San Diego and we never went to the Midway. We'll have to take Gavin there when he gets a little older. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun.