Sunday, February 05, 2012

A Random Sunday

Apparently Owen's mad at the password.
He saw those symbols in his Diary of a Wimpy Kid book and asked what they meant.
And now he's experimenting.

I cut Sally's hair last week.
Curls are forgiving,
but her hair slightly v's in the back and the top layers are longer than the bottom.

Justin was spotlighted in Elders Quorum today.
The EQ President asked for an embarrassing moment, so I directed him here:
Effects of Anesthesia
It's still funny 3 years later.

Yesterday at Owen's baseball practice, a guy invited our family over today.
I asked what they were doing.
Oh, watching the Super Bowl?
Had no idea it was on.
He thought I was cool.


Shel said...

ha ha ha ha, that's what I'm doing right now, laughing! I love reading your blog. Looks like you guys are doing great, and I'm so glad :)

Hannah said...

Love those videos! Can't wait to see you guys this summer!

The Watkins said...

Of course he thought you were cool. Otherwise he wouldn't have invited you.

Katie said...

That's the best thing about curls! It doesn't really matter how straight you get it because nobody can tell! I love it! I love Owen's password :) that's awesome.

Tami said...

I remember watching those videos before, and they're still funny!