Thursday, February 09, 2012

A Door Locking Story

Yesterday morning Owen thought it'd be a good idea to lock the exercise ball in his room.
He didn't want Sally to play with it.
But by doing that, all his and Drew's shoes and clean clothes also got locked away.

That door's hinges are on the inside of the room.
The lock is the pinhole kind (that twists, not pops open).
And the window was locked.

So Owen was doomed to a morning of chores and homework.

But then a friend offered to lend him some shoes.
So he got to school a couple hours late.
Wearing the exact same clothes he wore the day before.

Drew just missed altogether.
And got to wear Sally's purple, too small flip flops all day.

And then when Justin got home from work he had that door open in 5 minutes.


Jaime said...

So funny!

Dave said...

That is a good story. I hate when husbands make you look bad like that. I guess that's why we need them, and to open jars that are screwed on tight

The Watkins said...

obviously me again.

Joanna & Ben said...

awesome...I hate the pinhole doors, they are so much harder to open. I had to call Ben home from work one day because Jake locked himself in the bathroom (when he was 2)and neither of us could open it. I even took the door knob of and everything, still couldn't get it...yeah

Da Ilaoa's said...

I love that you stuck to your guns! Maybe helped that you didnt have a choice LOL