Saturday, January 07, 2012

Sometimes I Take Pictures for People

Friends I met here

 Friends I met in Monterey

 Brett & Yamina (bro-in-law & almost sis-in-law)

I have no desire for this to be a business,
but taking pictures of other people is fun every now and then.


Evaly said...

So cute, I love the engagement shots.

Dasha said...

I just have to say, your pictures are way better than some of the Army-wife-turned-pro-photographer I've seen here. Great job! And where is that orchard? Just beautiful.

Jenny said...

I love that last one & third to last one especially. I love that you showcased them on here!

stephanie said...

i know you don't want it to be a business, but it totally could be if you needed it to. you are very talented.

The Watkins said...

Even though you say sometimes, I'd really like you to mean all the time because everyone should be so lucky to have you as a photographer.

Misty said...

Really? Not at all? Cause I'd really like you to take our pictures....(-: