Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Snow Day

Wasn't so into snow clothes. Or matching.

 Not ideal snow angel material.

 The birthday girl! (sister Rachel)
This was how she wanted to spend her the snow with family.

Better for eating than snow angel-ing.

 Love Mom in capris+boots. It was warm!
Gwen's puffy ensemble is my favorite.

 Someone didn't get the, "look tough" memo.
Someone also thought that helping build the half-igloo for 5 minutes entitled her to be in the picture.

Denise (aunt) and her authentic 80's snow boots.

 Enjoying Denise's Christmas present.

And another Alan-here (my dad) contraption: a bike ski.

From another angle:


Joanna & Ben said...

That looks like so much fun...we're waiting ever so impatiently for snow.

Kirsten said...

How fun! Love the half igloo and the ski bike and Denise's Xmas present! Way to choose an awesome bday celebration Rachel!!