Thursday, January 05, 2012


Signed the boys up for baseball that day, so had to take them to the batting cages.
Drew tried the machine, but was happier with the T.

Owen did way good for that being his first time.
Really hoping this is his thing.

And then there's Sally and her stance.

Afterwards, Ma treated us to some ice cream.

The nightly celebration consisted of a visit to Nate & Bethany,
then tree burning, fireworks, and gingerbread explosions at Aunt Darla's.

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Happy New Year!


Annie said...

Looks like you guys had a great Christmas/New years.

I made your apple dip for my in laws on New Years - it was a major hit.

Dasha said...

Your family has the funnest traditions. Love it!

Rachel Lyn said...

what the moving picture you know how to do that!! let's not mention my white legs.. oh gosh, it's even worse next to Sally's..

Jessica Crozier said...

1) I always look forward to the Christmas tree bonfires and gingerbread house explosions. Always a good post!

2) I love Sally's TOMS. Pretty sure that pushed me over the edge to get Emma some. Where did you get them?

3) Sally's determined look at the bat is adorable!

4) Happy New Year!

Ashley said...

I, too, love seeing all of your family's traditions! Burning the Christmas tree was always a hit in ours :) We'll have to try gingerbread exploding next year! And, I also agree, Sally's Toms are too cute! It's awesome when a Mom can give a girl (and her boys) a good start in life with fashion! My kids are up a creek without a paddle!!

Katie said...

Okay - the comment from Ashley, is from me, Katie. My friend was logged in on my computer :) Sorry :)