Monday, January 09, 2012

Days of the Week

Monday was put away Christmas and gut the garage day.
So I felt justified in playing the rest of the week (kids had no school).

Each of us got a day.

Tuesday/Drew: Skate Park and Pool.
Yes, pool.
It was 70+ degrees and the pool was slightly heated.

Wednesday/Sally: Disneyland

Thursday/Owen: Dollar Store and Park.
Sally benefited most from the dollar store trip being the only one with Christmas $ left.
She went to town in the party section.

She was excited to set the table just so with her party goods for dinner.
And Owen couldn't wait to, "dig down" on this dinner he's been asking for
since I made it last in Monterey.
(I can never find fresh angel hair pasta so just use dried.
And I double all ingredients except the pasta.)

Then she requested to wrap everything.
Those are wrapped napkins, cups, paper plates, and $1 Strawberry Shortcake dolls.

Friday/Me: Disneyland and Danna
My pass expired Sunday so I had to get one more quick trip in.
We just went for the morning and it was awesome.
Why is that place so addicting, crowds and all?
I love that Sally is officially 40" so we can all do everything.
She is obsessed with Big Thunder Mountain.

Saturday was back to stuff around the house.

Then Sunday we celebrated not having late church and a new Sunbeam


Rachel Lyn said...

This whole post makes me happy. And a little bit jealous, but just happily jealous. I especially love Sally and her dollar store goods. Mom and I were watching videos of the kids I took that didn't seem that funny at the time (just because I can never catch the hilarious things they say on camera) but were so funny and cute when we miss those dang kids!

Nic said...

love your disney trips, makes me want to buy an annual pass! Sally is so so darling as always. love your pics & your are like my last blogging friend, everyone faded out & i'm losing steam too...good job! do you print yours out? I've started a book and never finished, so much work. wish there was an easier way to print the blog out without having to refigure stuff, i'd be way more motivated i think!

Sara Hollobaugh said...

Sounds like tons of fun!!

danna said...

We should def have the scooter picture at Felicity and Owen's wedding....or Felicity and Drew's...she is torn, so so torn :)
Cute pictures! You are the best mom!