Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Also From April

Jason & his siblings

All Jason's nieces & nephews

The ENTIRE family

These are some of the pro pics from Jason & Candace's wedding.
Their photographer was Candace's friend, Cami Dunn.
She did a really good job.
Don't even know her but I like her.


Dave said...

Love those colors! They are so yummy. Look at your cute boys with their hands in their pockets. Adorable!

melinda said...

I love your family pic! So cute. Those are great wedding colors--I love how everyone coordinated so well:)

Lindsay Riggs said...

Cute family!!

Jessica said...

Shauna I love the family picture. The boys have gotten so big. You look GREAT!! Love the skirt and shoes! Hello legs!

Evaly said...

So cute- I love the colors too. Your family is so beautiful.

Jaime said...

You have the cutest family!

Melissa Hollobaugh said...

These are so cute! I know Cami, lol I grew up with her older Brother, how funny.