Sunday, May 29, 2011

They USED To Be Tortillas

Tortillas were on the Costco list.
And this is what Justin came home with.

After those were returned, we had ourselves a nice little Saturday.
Well, the kids and I did.
Justin spent the entire day writing a paper.

Spruce Street Bridge
It's in a San Diego neighborhood so quiet Owen said,
"It's like the library, but outside."

After scooters, bikes, and a park we ended the day with Brent/Errin/Jones at the beach.


bryce and paige said...

I was just telling Bryce, "I want to live by Shauna and Errin!" You are always out having fun adventures and our kids would have a riot together. It would just be a dream come true. Please let us get a residency where you're at. :)

Anonymous said...

Cut the guy some slack, he did get tortillas, you didn't say they couldn't be the fried kind

Krissie said...

Sorry we weren't able to meet up with you! It looks like you guys had a ton of fun! We will have to get together soon!

Evaly said...

haha- Nathan always messes up my lists too. So, you'll be eating a LOT of tostadas, eh? :)

Jenny said...

Looks like a fun day. :) {I keep meaning to ask where did you find the skinny jeans for Sally? I can't seem to find any for Kate??}

The Watkins said...

This is even funnier hearing it the second time. Your pics are so good. I forgot that you dabble in photography--but you can obviously tell from your pics. Then I remembered the pics you took for April. I may have to pay you to take some pics of my baby.