Wednesday, February 02, 2011

She Likes Her Cookies

Trader Joe's could package poop and I would buy it.

But those cookies were most definitely not (poop).

I wish there were more left, too.

While we're on the subject of yellow things (the cookies, not the poo),
here is a lovely bouquet that Drew made me today.


Jaime said...

I love cookies too. (:

I love the bouquet. As mothers we may not get the finest flowers, but we get weeds given with the most love. (:

danna said...

Seriously adorable!

Rachel Lyn said...

awww drew is so nice and thoughtful. and of course sally is so precious. i feel like all my comments are the same because i always wanna talk about how cute my children are!

ashley in wonderland said...

shauna! are these your kids? they are so beautiful! that little girl is killin me! and the pictures, breathtaking

Steph said...

Such pretty shots of yellow.
Drew is all grown up and Sally looks like she's out of a magazine!