Friday, February 18, 2011

Sally Belle

She spent a half hour buttoning and unbuttoning her pajamas the other night.

She nick-named Brent, "Brentany."
Used in a sentence:
"And this Valentine is for Brentany."
This is Brentany.

When I called Justin's name she exclaimed, "Justin BIEBER???!"
This is Justin.

This is Justin Bieber.

When there was an unpleasant smell in the room she demanded to know who tooted.
Then said, "Oh it was just my foot."
These are her stinky, napping feet.


bryce and paige said...

Oh, you always make me laugh. I could read your posts all day.

Ashley said...

Too cute, I love it.

Jaime said...

Cute post. I did not know that her middle name was Belle. How cute is that... Sally Belle. Love it.

danna said...

Holy cow her curls! Love the post.

Jenny said...

I enjoy your stories and your pictures.

Evaly said...

She is just the cutest. I love the Justin Beiber- where do they hear about that stuff?? Yesterday McKell was telling us that she hates him. I don't think she even knows what he looks like!

emily said...

You are hilarious! I love your posts! We should get together this summer at the beach:)

Sherri said...

Thank you for making me laugh this morning!

Steph said...

Oh man, he's hilarious!
Afton just did the same with her jammies and I was wishing I had the camera charged. Of course you would capture it perfectly ;) As well as those guilty feet :) ...maybe that's Afton's problem? I'll ask her.