Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Heart Shaped Food Day

Drove 1/2 hour to the nearest Papa Murphy's on Valentine's.
I needed their heart pizza.
Not sure why after seeing this picture.
But even burnt, it's still good.

Visited 1000 Steps Beach while we were in the area.

A little love-y FHE that night.

And that was pretty much our day!


Jaime said...

Funny you had pizza---I was thinking that my family would have been just as happy or more so with a pizza then with my beef wellington! I didn't know they did heart shapes!

danna said...

Wait, the 1000 steps beach in Laguna? You drove all the way to Laguna for Papa Murphy's?

brentanderrin said...

SO sorry that I totally forgot that I took the pictures that day and that you are way better at updating your blog... i promise that i will get them to you soon!!!

Steph said...

yes, today is "catch up on Shauna's blog day" pizza. You're dedicated.